Parenting Karma: Compromise


Ellen Mogensen of shares a series of three karmic parenting articles with The Family Balancing Act over the next several days.

Karmic Insight: Parenting through Compromise

“Water which freezes when trapped between two rocks splits them apart.
This is not the fault of the water: that is its nature.” (Proverb)

Dear Soul Friend,

When it comes to parenting, do you and your mate function like a united front or like single parents?

* United Front: Children will always try to divide two united parents: that is their nature.  Children want what they want and they will play both parents against one another to get it.  Therefore, parents must actively work together to create a united front when it comes to their
children.  This means if Dad has said “No” that Mom must say so as well.
This means if Mom has promised the children something it is because Dad
has already agreed to it.  Yet, more often that not, this united front
breaks down under the pressure and, when it does, mates will act like
single parents.

* Single Parent: When one parent is always the “disciplinarian” and the
other is always the “friend” that, in essence, turns the disciplinarian
into a single parent.  Unlike a real single parent (where there is only
one person), the sole “disciplining” parent’s job is much harder because
the “friend” parent is actively undermining their authority.  There is
nothing that turns former lovers against one another quicker than
disagreements over parenting.  Even worse is that one day the children are
bound to resent the “friend” parent for not having acted like their real

* A More Perfect Union: It is never too late for parents to restore a
united front but like many things, this is easier said than done.  Yet,
for those parents that wish to try, it takes compromise and commitment.

- Commitment: From this day forward, both parents must commit to acting as
if they were a united front.
- Behaviors: Parents need to agree on what behaviors each needs to stop
and to start doing to be a united front.
- Compromise: Parents should negotiate and stick to an agreement on how to
handle key issues with their children.
- Metrics: Parents should assess how well they are doing at being a united
front and keeping to their agreement.
- Communication: Both parents should agree on and post a set of POSITIVE
rules for their children’s behavior.
- Positive Rules: What you want them to do (like be truthful) rather than
what you do not want (stop lying).
- Role Reversal: The “friend” parent should start to discipline more while
the “disciplinarian” should ease up.
- Family Meetings: When children make requests, parents should present
their decision in a family meeting.

Wishing us all the best possible karma,

Ellen Mogensen of

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