Parenting Karma: Compromise


Ellen Mogensen of shares a series of three karmic parenting articles with The Family Balancing Act over the next several days.

Karmic Insight: Parenting through Compromise

“Water which freezes when trapped between two rocks splits them apart.
This is not the fault of the water: that is its nature.” (Proverb)

Dear Soul Friend,

When it comes to parenting, do you and your mate function like a united front or like single parents?

* United Front: Children will always try to divide two united parents: that is their nature.  Children want what they want and they will play both parents against one another to get it.  Therefore, parents must actively work together to create a united front when it comes to their
children.  This means if Dad has said “No” that Mom must say so as well.
This means if Mom has promised the children something it is because Dad
has already agreed to it.  Yet, more often that not, this united front
breaks down under the pressure and, when it does, mates will act like
single parents.

* Single Parent: When one parent is always the “disciplinarian” and the
other is always the “friend” that, in essence, turns the disciplinarian
into a single parent.  Unlike a real single parent (where there is only
one person), the sole “disciplining” parent’s job is much harder because
the “friend” parent is actively undermining their authority.  There is
nothing that turns former lovers against one another quicker than
disagreements over parenting.  Even worse is that one day the children are
bound to resent the “friend” parent for not having acted like their real

* A More Perfect Union: It is never too late for parents to restore a
united front but like many things, this is easier said than done.  Yet,
for those parents that wish to try, it takes compromise and commitment.

- Commitment: From this day forward, both parents must commit to acting as
if they were a united front.
- Behaviors: Parents need to agree on what behaviors each needs to stop
and to start doing to be a united front.
- Compromise: Parents should negotiate and stick to an agreement on how to
handle key issues with their children.
- Metrics: Parents should assess how well they are doing at being a united
front and keeping to their agreement.
- Communication: Both parents should agree on and post a set of POSITIVE
rules for their children’s behavior.
- Positive Rules: What you want them to do (like be truthful) rather than
what you do not want (stop lying).
- Role Reversal: The “friend” parent should start to discipline more while
the “disciplinarian” should ease up.
- Family Meetings: When children make requests, parents should present
their decision in a family meeting.

Wishing us all the best possible karma,

Ellen Mogensen of

An excerpt from

The Past is Still Present

Your past lives affect you everyday in ways great and small: from the health you enjoy (or if and how you suffer) to the how much money you have (or the debt you owe) to the personal relationships that bring you indescribable joy (or unbelievable pain).

Are You Being Effected by Past Lives?

Every belief that is creating your reality today can be directly traced back to events in this or other lives. Today you are living and repeating the lessons you did not learn in your past lives until you get them right.

These problems from your past lives have predetermined your future. The past will continue to predetermine your future until you decide to take control. Taking control means healing the physical, mental, emotional, and / or spiritual blocks from past lives that are keeping you from being everything you are meant to be today.

Are YOU Being All That You Can Be NOW?

Many people alive today are so deeply blocked by problems from their past lives that they are unable to tap into all their talents, skills, and abilities.

Past life blockages keep them from claiming the abundance of love, money, and joy that is their birthright as children of God.

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Sidetracked by Schizophrenia

We have a fabulous guest blog by Charlotte LeBlanc, author of Sidetracked by Schizophrenia, whom we interviewed recently for The Family Balancing Act. Charlotte has graciously offered a copy of her book to someone that we choose from amongst the comments! So share with us your experiences of mood, food, and the story of anyone in your life who has been on this challenging journey of mental illness!

Everyone knows someone who has at some point of their life suffered with some form of mental illness. Suicides and mental illness in youth have reached an epidemic proportion. How many people do you know that escape these dreadful illnesses medication free?


Schizophrenia affects approximately 1.1% of the population over the age of 18 (source: NIMH) or, in other words, at any one time as many as 51 million people worldwide suffer from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia ranks among the top 10 causes of disability in developed countries worldwide.  That doesn’t even cover other existing mental illnesses.

In Sidetracked by Schizophrenia, author and nutritionist, Charlotte LeBlanc, documents her son’s encounters with the many medications and difficult life situations that come as part of living with this disease. It covers the trials and errors, the side effects, the exciting movement toward more effective treatments, and the hope for living a normal life medication free. The book speaks to family members who are or have been there and to professionals who are called on to make judgments about what regimen may be most effective for their patients. It encourages the reader to keep an open mind about the body’s capacity to heal itself when given the right balance.


Daniel’s experiences have become an example of so many people with schizophrenia seeking relief from this devastating disease. This book will encourage frustrated and despairing families to never give up. It is a saga that illuminates the belief that there are sound, scientific reasons for hope in the treatment of schizophrenia as well as other mental illnesses.


A Little Bit On Mental Health and Nutrition:

When we begin asking ourselves if we are losing our mind, getting annoyed at ourselves or even getting anxious over it, we may want to investigate the symptoms instead of blaming everything on stress or age. Occasional memory loss, confusion or forgetfulness is a natural part of life at virtually any age. With proper nutrition, exercise and sleep, our mind should remain sharp and active well into one’s nineties or beyond.


What does nutrition have to do with the way we think?  It’s pretty simple.  When you take a bite of food it goes down to your digestive system where it is processed, only to be assimilated through your intestines and into your blood stream.  Your blood then circulates in every cell (brain cells too) of your body to keep them alive. Well would we put sewer water in our car and expect it to run well?  This is where you can compare the quality of nutrition, exercise and sleep to the quantity of maintenance you would put on your car. Imagine what we are doing to our bodies when we smoke, drink high caffeinated drinks, consume sugar and all those artificial ingredients, antibiotics and hormones.


We have but one vehicle, our body, to live this precious life.  Being kind to our body will go a long way!


From:  Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine – different studies showed these results:

“Cigarette smoking is also a significant factor in depression… Cigarette smoking also leads to a relative vitamin C deficiency, as the vitamin C is utilized to detoxify the cigarette smoke.  Low levels of vitamin C in the brain can result in depression and hysteria.”

“Several studies have looked at caffeine intake and depression.  For example, one study found that, among healthy college students moderate and high coffee drinkers scored higher on a depression scale that did low users.  Interestingly, the moderate and high coffee drinkers also tended to have significantly lower academic performance. In addition, the intake of caffeine has been linked with the degree of mental illness in psychiatric patients; the higher the intake, the more severe the depression.”


“The combination of caffeine and refined sugar seems to be even worse that either substances alone. About 50% of test subjects became depressed during the test period with caffeine and sucrose.”


I hope that this little bit on mental health and nutrition has helped you understand that we want to eat top quality food (organic if at all possible): vegetables, fruits, nuts, unadulterated meats, poultry, fish and oils and last but not least, pure water.


For more information on mental illness or to purchase “Sidetracked by Schizophrenia” visit, any Indigo distributors (ie. Chapters, B & N etc., Amazon) or e-mail me at


Peace and Happiness,

Charlotte LeBlanc, BASc, RNCP



The Men in Black are back, and this time they’re real…

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Redfern, the author of The Real Men in Black. Who are the “Men in Black”? In the blockbuster Hollywood movie of the same name, they were fictional characters. In real life, they are fearsome individuals who attempt to silence the witnesses of UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

In his latest book, The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and Their Connection to the UFO Phenomena, the popular, bestselling author Nick Redfern reveals the hidden world of these notorious government operatives.

He documents their origin and lays out classic cases, previously unknown reports and secret government files, while laying out the many theories that explain the mystery. Some of the hair-raising highlights of The Real Men in Black include their involvement in the Mothman saga of Point Pleasant, WV, the Loch Ness monster, and the various “visits” that have been paid to many authors, investigators, and witnesses.

For decades, there has been a firm belief that the mysterious Men in Black who terrorize UFO witnesses are either secret‐agents of the government, or, incredibly, aliens themselves. But these are not the only theories that exist to explain their dark presence. Amazing testimony and analysis suggests that the MIB may very possibly be time‐travelers. Their role: to hide the fact that UFOs are not from outer‐space, but are from a distant future, right here on Earth!

The Government knows the Men in Black exist, their very own secret archives prove it, and they will do all they can to keep you in the dark about these mysterious, dark‐suited figures. As far back the early‐1950s, the Men in Black were striking fear into the hearts and the minds of UFO researchers and witnesses all across the globe. From the United States to Australia, and from England to Mexico, no‐one is safe from the wrath of the MIB. If you have had a close encounter of the UFO kind, and late one dark and stormy night, you hear a slow knocking upon your front‐door, beware: the Men in Black may be coming for you…


Charlene Costanzo and The Thirteenth Gift

A beautiful gift turned up at our kitchen table here on The Family Balancing Act! Award winning author, workshop facilitator, wife, mother, grandmother, Charlene Costanzo was our guest on Tuesday, May 17th’s show.  She told her story of family and process, the twelve gifts: Strength, Beauty, Courage, Compassion, Hope, Joy, Talent, Imagination, Reverence, Wisdom, Love and Faith.  Her newest book, The Thirteenth Gift and how it’s reflected in our world today.  This forth work in the Twelve Gifts series explains why so many people world-wide are fascinated with stones. The Thirteenth Gift is both a cautionary tale and inspirational fable (could we all use that?!) as it shows a way through the perilous consequences of greed, arrogance, and abuse of power to an uplifted state of consciousness and community.

Charlene starts The Thirteenth Gift….

What is the attraction to stones? Simple Stones.  The type we come across on hiking trails, country roads, beaches and city sidewalks. What instinct urges us to stoop for them?

What do you collect in your life?  Why?  The Thirteenth gift is so simple, yet so poignant in this ever changing world of ours.

Come have a seat at our kitchen table, relax, take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee and a gluten free muffin….you never know who you’ll meet here at The Family Balancing Act!