Antibiotic alternatives, failed pharma

With the E. coli outbreak of the past couple of weeks across Europe, coupled with some stories from friends dealing with staph infections, I thought NOW would be a great time to talk about alternatives for antibiotics. Simply put, between the overuse of antibiotics in our doctor’s offices and the insane amount of use of antibiotics in our food system (milk, meat, fish) we have created super monstrous strains of bacteria that our drugs can no longer handle effectively. In addition, we have debilitated our immune systems by not allowing them any practice at fighting bacteria. How are our immune systems supposed to know what to do if we never let them practice? We stop fevers with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, so our bodies don’t know to heat up when they’re infected with an agent that they need to destroy. We make a mess out of our gut with unhealthy, processed, pesticide ridden, irradiated, genetically modified “food” that stimulates an autoimmune reaction of its own. With all of this going on, how we make it from day to day at all, is sometimes a mystery to me…

Here are some tactics to try BEFORE you’re faced with something that mainstream can’t cure anymore:

  • Clean up your diet and eat foods that are appropriate for you. Your intestines are a critical part of your immune system and must be cared for correctly.
  • Encourage the growth of healthy belly bacteria! The good guys love to eat greens and the bad guys thrive on sugar and junk. Starve the enemy, feed your warriors and send in new troops with probiotics. There are specific strains that target specific issues, S. boulardii and L. plantarum are 2 of my favorites.
  • Don’t use antibacterial soaps, sprays and gels. They are toxic, the triclosan creates chloroform when it combines with chlorine, deadly. Plain old vegetable based soap is all you need. Dr. Bronner’s is great for just about anything, from your car to your body to your dishes, ask any camper!
  • Eat fermented foods to replenish good bacteria in your gut, that’s the whole foods based option and humans have been doing it forever with great results.
  • Get sleep and sun, your body needs rest and Vitamin D.
  • Try to minimize your stress, act thoughtfully, do not react.

If this all fails, you have a tough week, or a superbug gets you, here are some options to help you out when mainstream fails. Please remember to consult your doctor, alternative practitioner, or naturopath for guidance. Some of these options cannot be combined with yeast or fungus based antibiotics, as they could cancel the drug’s effectiveness. Also, they may interact with other prescription drugs and should be approved by your physician. Please do not let him or her dismiss your suggestions, but listen if there is a valid reason for recommending other options.

Many of these modalities can cause a die-off reaction that can make you feel worse, before you feel better. Get in a nice tub full of epsom salts, drink lots of water with fresh lemon juice and REST!

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